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Px.m-panels provide services which contribute in sharing ideas, information, supporting one another and most importantly benefitting the patients globally. These services assists the Registered Members to acquire knowledge by inter mingling each other, which in turn develops the skills and practices of the treatment further leading to strive aid from the community. We assure you that under any circumstances we will not sell or rent any of your disclosed personal information without your consent. Any kind of information which you furnish will be secured with industry standard proprieties and machinery.

m360 Research, Bangalore, Karnataka, India provides varieties of services dealing with different kinds of marketing research and analytical works especially in medical field along with commerce in technology. The websites which are possessed and functioned by us are,, and

Px.m-panels Declaration

When you accept the Registration or participate as a Panel member, it is considered as your expressly consent to our services, whereby we assureto respect your privacy. For multilateral purposes we anonymize the collection of information. We will not disclose any personal information of our Panel members without your knowledge and consent (as described in this policy). Nevertheless, under exceptional instances such as Legal Requests; Emergencies; Jurisdictions we will cooperate with law enforcement with any inquiries and demands for information that are made under force of law. This includes your name, address, cell number, and email address.

There will be no trading of business from our end by selling you goods or any kind of disclosure of your personal details relating to such agents is restricted. At times we may contact you to validate responses but we assureyou that we will never misrepresent ourselves as our services are provided keeping in mind the best interest of the Panel members.

Every individual response to surveys is to be kept confidential and will never be linked to the personal identifying information, without your previously approval forexplicit survey. Without any restriction we appreciate and respect your participation or withdrawing of membership.

Purpose of collecting the information

Our website contributes the Panel members to express opinions and ideas about the most contemporary matters. The research is conducted and participated globally. Also, certain survey findings might be published on our websites as the participants can interact with people around the world. Once you register as an interactive panel member, we collect the essential personal details and information which are: your name, postal service address, email address, and cell number.

The purpose of taking your name and email address is to inform you about opportunities to take surveys and updates on any new interest. In a year, we reach out to our Panel members once in a while informing them about participating in the survey. Emails are sent frequently to give information and their partaking is appreciated. Postal service of the members addressesare documented for the purpose of mailing cash payments to those participants who have completed their surveys. For the purpose of telephone Interview and any queries, the participants are contacted through the given cell numbers.

Information Collected in Surveys

PX.M-PANELS frequently inquire panel members for demographic information: age, gender, household composition, Internet and computer competencies, and also details of medical conditions .Such information is used to select appropriate surveys for the panel member. The opinions about a variety of products and services are also part of the questionnaire. The results of the surveys are often combined and given the aggregate results.

At times, other personal identifying information may be asked as part of an explicit survey. In such cases, an explanation will be stated in the survey acquainting the membersto declare their interest in such partaking. Such explanation will define the details of any new necessary details which will contribute from the survey wherein there will be provision with regard to whom the information is to be disclosed. Like any other survey, the members are privilege to decline or stop the survey at any time during the survey process.

We gather information by means of log files to run the site and to keep intact the technical problem. IP address collects the Log File information, time and name of pages viewed within our website, any activities or visit in the website is verified. Log files give the information administering the site and to identify and determine any technical problems related to the site's operation. It is never linked to personal identifying information.

While registering in our website,it will be considered as an approval of receiving mails, reminders, and all kinds of essential circulars. But the participantsare privilege to opt-out of receiving any mails following the "unsubscribed" guidelinesat the end of the email.

How We Use your Information

We will use the personal information disclosed to us to contact you about the participation or results of the surveys.

We may also use your personal information to deliver to you the services presented by the Site; determined service disputes or problems; acquaint you about new features, analyzing consumer interest in our products and services to be informed on online and offline offers, products, services, events and updates; convey information on product news; adapt your experience; identify and safeguard us against fault, fraud and other criminal activity; administer our Terms of Use; offer you with system or administrative messages, observing the applicable laws and regulations; and return to your inquiries and doubts along with any kind of clarifications.

Communications via Emails

PX.M-PANELS do not send unsolicited profitable emails. However, it voluntarilyobserves with the significant privacy and disclosure provisions of the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act, which includes providing truthful sender information;a physical address or sending the email message; andproviding clear and simple opt-out method which is honored within ten (10) business days after the opt-out request is made. Moreover, all survey invitations sent via email are reliable with the CASRO Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research.

Survey Results

We conduct surveys on behalf of its clients. Our clients include U.S.-based businesses, as well as research establishments who are not under the jurisdiction of the U.S. but are interested to survey persons in the U.S. and others too. The clients make the list of their required individuals list, taking into consideration of their medical condition and age group. According to their requirement for the purpose of their surveys, the clients seek their demand and we meet their needs by contacting the members to take part in the survey. We have aunique database to measure and protect the answers given in the surveys.

Sharing Your Personal Information

We will not disclose any personal information of our Panel members without your knowledge and consent (as described in this policy), except in the rare instances questionable by law or Emergencies. This includes your name, address, cell number, and email address. If there is any change of ownership then a notice will be posted here, so please check this policy regularly.

You can always provide personal information during registration or in response to a survey, make any changes or modify such information by sending an email to

Right to Opt out

The Panel members have the right to deny or opt to drop panel membership at any time. Such decision to decline participation is also respected. Any members who do not wish to complete the survey are not obliged to do so and you can unsubscribe the invitation for the survey by following the instructions given for "unsubscribe". For usual business regulations, a members registration details will be documented for up to 5(five) years.


For the purpose of security of transactions, we use a range of protocol and measures to secure the client data stored in our database servers, which include regulating access to our central data servers. As per our policy, the access to the physical server's location will be permitted only to authorized persons. In order to prevent outside intrusion at our servers, we have strong firewalls at place. However, no security procedures are guaranteed to safeguard against unapproved access.

Please be informed that the data provided to Px.m-panels via the website: and internet may be shared outside the jurisdiction of United States and the European Economic Area(EEA), where the protocol for safeguarding the data are less stringent comparing to these areas. And also, the United States does not have proper regulation at place related to the transfer of personal information outside its jurisdiction. If at all you have any apprehension on such transfers, we recommend you not to use the internet as mode of communicating with us.

Children's Privacy

PX.M-PANELS consider the significant of prioritizing the protection of children's privacy online. We encourage parents and guardians to participate and monitor their children online internet activity. PX.M-PANELS are adherent with the U.S. Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 ("COPPA"). Children under 16 year of age are exempted from providing their personal information. There is a mechanism in place to check, during registration, where the birth date submitted by the individuals are cross verified to specifies if the individual in under 16 years. The mechanism immediately blocks the registration, and any personal information provided is not taken into account at our database. Occasionally, we follow up with our adult survey respondents to check if they have children living with them who might have certain conditions. In such case, we do not seek any personal identifiable information of the child.

If you would like to access your personal information, your child information or remove your child information from our data servers, kindly reach out to us at


For registration and survey forms, Cookies are used. The cookies are used exclusively for technical purposes to allow for accurate transmission of survey information to the Px.m-panels database and to ensure that a member does not take the same survey more than once. For lengthier surveys, cookies are used to make it easier for the Panel members completing the form. Completion of the form in more than one sitting is allowed, where you can take up where you left off, instead of starting from the beginning. Personal identifying information is not stored on any cookie nor do we retain any cookie information on our databases. Participation in surveys is not disrupted even though the cookie is deleted but the chance of reward earning opportunities will be reduce.

Other Websites

The Site contains links to other websites. Px.m-panels will not be responsible for the privacy policies and practices or the content of any websites which are linked to the Site.

Changes to this Policy

We have the discretion and right to rectify and make any needful changes, i.e. modify, remove, change, or remove parcel of the Privacy Policy and the Site according to our requisite. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of any changes to this Policy will be considered as your acceptance to such changes.

If there is anydivergent information in a way substantially different from that stated at the time of collection, a notice will be posted in site or via email.

Contact Us

You are welcome to write to us at the following address if there is any query in the above stated Privacy Policy:

The Panel Manager - Px.m-panels, m360 Research, Inc., 5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 320, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA, or by email to